Document Management Solutions

Enterprises produce and receive vast amounts of information in both electronic and paper form. Whether they are government offices, healthcare groups, legal courts, manufacturing businesses, insurance companies, or providers of higher education, companies perform best with the ability to manage and collaborate information with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Electronic Document Management Solutions is the technology used to Capture, Manage, Store, Preserve, and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

An electronic document management solutions (EDMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.

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Why EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solutions)

Easy Access to Documents

Current and archived information is never more than a few mouse clicks away. Do away with time and space consuming paper storage methods

Disaster Recovery

EDMS(electronic document management solutions) provides an easy way to back-up documents for offsite storage and disaster recovery providing failsafe archives and an effective disaster recovery strategy. Paper is a bulky and expensive way to back-up records and is vulnerable to fire, flood, vandalism, theft and other ‘Acts of God’.

Enhance Customer Service

An electronic document management solutions can empower your company members with the ability to locate and retrieve documents instantaneously. Allow your employees to immediately respond to customer questions and inquiries with limited downtime. ITS can provide your company with a document management solution that will ensure instant access to document information - eliminating time delays, confusion and misinformation which frustrate your company's valued customers.

Information Sharing

Electronic files, including scanned images (tiff and pdf files of scanned paper documents and drawings), are readily accessible to co-workers across LAN's, company intranets, and the Internet. You can also share files by distributing onto CD/DVD for archiving or transportability

Enhanced Communication

Scanned and existing electronic files are available for viewing by all authorized company personnel. One can add redlines (notes, markups) to these images for conveying ideas or changes. These redlines are maintained as a separate layer on the image file (the original is maintained intact).

Eliminated Filing Problems

Eradicate manual filing systems and their tedious and mistake ridden methods. Electronic documents are always in the folders where they belong and can be located using multiple search techniques, including search and sort by property fields and full text strings.

Digital Archiving

Historical information assets are an important part of any company. Document imaging secures historical documents. Save the images to CD/DVD or any external data storage repository (Web) for safekeeping. This eliminates paper wear and tear, reduces storage space needs, helps meet regulatory requirements, and establishes a secure disaster recovery system.

Organized Files and Information

Property field indexing prepares files for dynamic sorting. Imagine opening a file cabinet and having the files sorted according to PO Number, then opening the same cabinet and the files are now sorted according to vendor. Now, that's a useful filing system. Any number of property fields can be implemented to establish optimum filing organization.

CBSL EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solutions) Advantages

A Document Management System is the traffic cop that brings order to this chaos: organizing it by client/matter, categorizing the types of documents and directing them to the proper place. The primary goal is to eliminate paper and the cost associated with it.

    Advantages of EDMS : -
  • Reduced operational costs and administration time
  • Easy, instant access to information
  • Increased Productivity
  • Efficient workflow and distribution of information
  • Minimize risk damaged, lost, out of date documents
  • Increase Information Security
  • Process Consistency
  • Authorized Access
  • Security
  • Enhance customer service
  • Eliminate manual search
  • Minimize paper storage

The broad categorizations of the activities associated within the scanning activities are as follows:-

  • Setting up Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Inventory IN (Receipt)
  • Pre Scanning Document Cleaning
  • Scanning
  • Scanning Quality Checking
  • Indexing
  • Data Verification / Quality Control
  • Database Generation
  • PDF & TIFF Conversion and Setting the attributes of the PDF Document
  • USB Hard disk backup
  • Updating Data on DMS
  • Inventory OUT (Return)
  • Authorized Retrievals
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Software Team : - CBSL has excellent team of Programmers who have developed softwares like EDMS and these softwares are running succssfully. We have developed many softwares for our clients to use in different areas like administration, accounts, human resource, purchase, attandance tracker and work flow solutions etc.

Scanners : - One of the most importane part of any EDMS providing company is availability of different kind of Scanners. CBSL has more than 450 scanners in running for various clients. These scanners are:

  • High Speed Scanners   :     Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Miru
  • Flatbed Scanners        :      Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Avision, Widecom
  • Wide format Scanners :     Widecom, Graphtec
  • Non-contactable Color Scanners  :  DIPS, Zeutshel, BookEye & Copy Master