The concept is about securing information from damage and mishandling

CRC provides right information to the right person at the right time.

We believe – “Precaution is better than cure”. We have taken all possible measures to protect any mishap.

  • » No unauthorized entry to the DSC
  • » Only authorized persons are given access to an account
  • » There is a 24 hrs security guard
  • » The entire DSC is under CCTV surveillance
  • » All our employees undergo police verification prior to appointment
    The costs are of 3 types :
  • » One time charges – charged on a per carton basis
  • » Monthly charges – charged on a per carton basis
  • » Retrieval charges – charged on per retrieval basis

The data can be retrieved through a written request

The vehicles used in the transportation are covered & escorted. All essential security equipments are installed in the vehicle. The vehicle is insured.

All the employees are on the pay-rolls of the company. Nothing is outsourced. All the employees recruited, compulsorily go through the police verification.

With systems in place, all chances of files being refilled into the same carton as the barcode on the file is linked to the carton barcode.

The entire DSC is under CCTV surveillance. The activities taking place inside the DSC gets recorded and studied. No data copying gadgets are allowed inside the DSC.

We are not insurers neither we are charging any premiums. We charge you for space and maintenance, and we provide the same. However, we have taken utmost care to protect your record from damaging factors without charging anything extra. Hence, in case of any loss - force majesure, we will not be liable to any revenue penalty.

Our DSCs are of the highest standards with all latest equipments and technology in place. Our DSCs have robust infrastructure and are seismic resistant.

Yes sure. The file can be retrieved by an authorized person.

CRC team takes delivery of the documents. It is followed by classification, categorization, segregation, indexing, collating and putting in files. Then cartons are transported to the nearest Record Centre. Each file and each carton is bar-coded. Documents that need digitization are kept separate and scanned at the Record Centre and entered into a database

Normally, it is 24 hours and on urgent basis it is within 5 hours

CBSL operates Nationwide. Currently we are present in 18 locations.

We have been operating as a group since 1974 and we are in RMS since 2005

Our major customers are PNB, SBH, Airtel, A.C. Neilson etc.

We have a disaster management policy in place

Our foundation is based on these core values – People, Profit and Perfection

We will study your current pattern and the industry requirements. Based on the complete study we will tailor our services to suit your requirement

The following are the steps involved in converting files to digital format Study – open binding - uncliping - batch making – scanning – image qc – cleaning – indexing - storage

We do it through dedicated software developed in-house

We ensure confidential destruction i.e we shred the papers, and then put it into pulp conversion machines. After destruction, we would issue a certificate too.

We ensure confidentiality and also issue you a certificate which holds good in the court of laws

If you are a small, medium or large enterprise, an institution, a lawyer, a chartered accountant or a government organization and have been in business for some time, you have accumulated documents that have to be stored and cannot be destroyed according to legal requirements. It makes sound business sense to outsource this service to a professional like us.

No – every organization has information to be stored irrespective of its size. Space is not the only issue in record storage, proper management of these records is also important.

Web access is possible through dedicated login id.

Both – few owned and majority on rent which are taken on long lease

You may take insurance through us or from outside. Declare a value to your document and pay a premium

It is taken care of by CBSL

5 Box(LAF) files in one carton.

High quality 5 ply corrugated box.