Records Management Solutions

You focus on your business. We will give you a highly secure management solution for records:

CBSL Group is on a mission to achieve excellence in record storage solutions. We intend to delight Corporate with comprehensive solutions for management of records and information, leading to overall improvement of employee productivity. CBSL Group (RMS) visualizes itself to be the most reliable professional vendor for protecting business houses from risks of litigation, audit, and disaster.

The Record Management Division (RMS) of the CBSL Group caters to an end to end, highly secure management solution for records.

Physical Record Management :

CBSL Group (RMS) is a leading organization in the field of Record Management Solution in India. Strong infrastructure and skilled man power is the key strength of CBSL which makes it a leading organization in its domain and helps to provide cost effective and quality services to its customers.

CBSL Group (RMS) supports total management and secure retention of physical records of all types. Utilizing highly advanced technology, expert manpower CBSL Group (RMS) manage secure collection, indexing, storage, retrieval, insertion and tracking services. The bottom-line is Rapid accessibility, reliability and consistency.

CBSL records management program is advantageous because :
  • A well-organized file plan enables an organization to find information easily. Records that are correctly filed and stored are easily accessible, and this facilitates transparency and accountability;
  • The orderly and efficient flow of information enables the organization to perform its functions successfully and efficiently Authoritative and reliable records are created and maintained in an accessible, intelligent and usable manner to support the business and accountability requirements of the organization;
  • Efficiency and economy are ensured by eliminating unnecessary duplication of records;
  • A retention and disposal programme ensures that the organization maintains only those records it really needs for functional purposes; and
  • Controls are exercised to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the information, thus preventing information and/or the records from being stolen or damaged. This ensures the protection of privacy and confidentiality, and prevents the inappropriate disclosure of information that could harm the organization or infringe the privacy rights of individuals.
  • Real-time tracking System.
  • Fire Proof, Water Proof Record Storage.
  • No fear of earth quake.

Workflow :

Records Management can be defined as systematic control of recorded information from it's creation through its active and inactive period to ultimate destruction.

rms workflow

The most important key to get success in the field of Record Management is infrastructure. Infrastructure plays a big role to provide excellent services to clients. Security, Service and Presence are the major factors to built confidence in the eyes of customers.

  • Warehouse Features
  • International Standard Racking System Godrej
  • Guarded by SESMIC IV Standards of Earthquake Proof Building
  • Smoke Detector
  • Restricted Entry through access control
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Regular Pest Management
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Inherent capability of handling security transactions


Skilled, dedicated and experienced manpower is the key strength of CBSL. We believe in building relationship by providing excellent services to our clients.

  • Hardworking and dedicated teams of Packers.
  • Experienced Supervisors to guide and control.
  • Dedicated Team Leaders to handle complete process with excellence.
  • Operation Managers to control overall operations with smooth and constant performance.
  • Project Managers to handle various projects with their expertise, experience and management skills.